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A little about me...

I am a student of NETWORK BULLS . Master fraud Vikas Kumar -Triple CCIE in 18 attempts and biggest fraud till date in training business .

These people are beating their students like dogs with the help of bouncers . They have no results in CCIE Security for last 6 years . I would suggest any student to talk to its owner and see he cannot speak in english properly .He has no subject knowledge .

History of this fraud .

He is a former student of NETWORKERS HOME ,another institute . He and Pradeep Yadav were partner into last company NETWORK GURU which is based in gurgaon opposite Networkbulls . Both are only about big talk and nothing else . These guys drink with thier students on each CCIE R&S result .

Facts about placement :

I challenge NETWORK Bull and its fraud owner to produce a single letter of tieup for company placement .Failed students with over 3 Lakhs including attempt ,Training and 1 year waste are getting 2.5 lakh to 3.5 Lakhs job and these shamefull people record thier videos and call it that they placed these candidates .I am planning to go full swing against these frauds .

Here is the list of big frauds without any placement network .


I came from Hyderabad to Gurgaon to do my CCIE due to thier false promise but got into trap .Atleast hyderbad institues are better as they donot make false promise on placement side .

Here are my some point .

Just put this information to prove that your claims are not false .

1. How many total number till date and why your website does not even show 100 number in last 6 years .
2. Asia biggest ,india biggest ,gurgoan biggest .How many times you went to other institutes before making a claim sitting in your own small shop .
3. Put your placement tieup with Dimension data and HCL etc .I have already complaints and soon you will be behind bars for illegally using these BIG MNC LOGO on your site .

Stop fooling people .Time to sell your BMW .Uptill last 2 years this fraud was driving motorcycle ,now using false logo and placement tieup .Each video and website snapshot is going against you and soon you will see results of your wrong doing .

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